Who Obama Wants to See in Armenia

The President of the United States nominated John Heffner as ambassador to Armenia, who is the acting Deputy Chairman of the U.S. mission to NATO. The White House announced about the nomination. The U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Marie Yovanovitch will leave office in June to take on a position in the U.S. Department of State.
First we should note several things. A hard period starts for the Armenian lobby which will last until the lobby pulls the word “genocide” from the lips of the candidate. Ostensibly, however, they will be pulling hard but will never succeed.
The next thing is that the U.S. is practicing the saying that “if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed”. In other words, if Armenia won’t go to NATO, NATO must come to Armenia. Perhaps, the nomination of the U.S. deputy representative to NATO as ambassador to Armenia can be explained so.
The third thing is that the United States will be focusing on the military aspect. It is difficult to say what the motive is, whether it is to counterbalance the Russian military influence, or to be possibly adequate to the military events in the area of the Karabakh conflict. Anyway, it is noteworthy that the nominee is a diplomat working in a military and political alliance.
It is difficult to say when the new ambassador will be affirmed. For example, Evans left Armenia in 2007 while Yovanovitch was appointed after the elections2008. Will the United States “miss” the Armenian elections in 2012 or will it affirm the nomination earlier?
Judging by the political processes in Armenia and considering the U.S. attention toward them, apparently the U.S. will be following the parliamentary elections at least at the level of the ambassador, not less. By the way, interestingly, in Armenia the release on the nomination coincided with Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan’s visit to Washington.



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