Vanno Tadeo Levoni Artistic name

Usually children choose the path passed by their parents. The father of the famous opera singer Vahram Tadevosian is the renown artist Levon Tadevosyan, who won the first prize and a gold medal as the best performer of folk songs in the competition after Sayat-Nova in 1968. Just that year, the first child in the family – Vahram was born. And since the birthday as if was foreseen by fate.

V.T. also began his art way from Fine Art. He studied and graduated from Terlemezian College and became a member of Young Artist’ Union. Then he entered Yerevan Conservatory after Komitas. In 1996 he was invited to Barcelona (under the sponsorship of Garegin I, Catholicos of All Armenians), and participated in the international competition after F. Vinias, and won a diploma and the prize after J. Verdi. In 1998 in the vocal academy of “La Scala” opera theatre in Milan he passed classes of mastership. Then he gave concerts in several great cities of Italy: Milan, Venice, Verona, Florence, Turin. Vahram was honoured with a naming “the original, brilliant tenor of last times”, by world famous singers J. Simionato, F.Korelli and K.Bergontsi.’ In 2001 he got an invitation from the artistic director of the opera theatre of Florence “Majo musicaleh Fiorentino” Chezare Madzonis, who said “Hearing your original, brilliant tenor of dark shade, we invite you to our theatre to perform the part of Magdouf in “Makbet” by Verdi. It’s worth to mention his concert at Concert Hall of Valencia, where he sang with the world famous singer Paata Bourchuladze (about it was written in the newspaper “Diario Levante” of Valencia).

At the opera theatre of Areaga in Bilbao, Vanno Tadeo performed the part of Kavaradosi at “Eushkalduna” theatre, the part of Alfred in the “Traviata” by Verdi. His playmate here was a singer with a great reputation Iranchou Bartolomeh. He gave solo converts devotoed to the 90th anniversary of the Great Armenian Genocide at the central chuches at ” Sant Maria” in Barcelona and “Santa Monika” in Valencia.

The famous singer Jakomo Aragal, getting aquainted with Vahram, apperciated his talent by suggesting Vahram to sing with Monserat Kabalie instead of him. The opera singer has appeared on the stages of “Kalderon” operan theatre in Madrid, in Santander, Orenseh, Bilbao, San-Sebastian, Laredo, Sevilia, Escorial, Valencia, Barcelona, Antwerp, Brussels, Munich, Kadits, Kherets. Before coming to Yerevan Vahram’s last haven was the opera theatre “Victoria Eoukhena” in San-Sebastian (it is mentioned in “Musica i arte” newspaper). There he again performed the aria of Alfred in the “Traviata” by Verdi, wich was wonderfully accepted by audience. Here are words of praise the European Press, “The part of Alfred was performed by the Armenian tenor Vanno Tadeo Levoni, who we had the possibilitiy to listen to in Bilbao, in the “Tosca”. Tadeo was really admirable. The greatly talented tenor could combine his most beautiful voice with many tints of the character”.

“Everywhere Vahram Tadevosian’s concerts were accompanied with storms of applause and standing up” – was written in a number of newspapers of Spain.

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