Traces of ancient civilization

Sepulcher of Hellenic period found in Stepanakert

People of Artsakh have created highly valuable material and spiritual culture in the course of centuries making a contribution to the treasury of the world civilization. Historical monuments characteristic to the Mesolithic Age, the Neolithic or late Stone Age, the Eneolithic or Stone – Copper Age, the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age were registered on the territory of Artsakh. And despite our some neighbors’ efforts alleging as if Armenians are new comers to this territory history puts everything in its place. Lately discovered ruins of town of Tigranakert and its excavations became a powerful scientific-cultural argument against the falsifiers of history. The citadel, the main walls of the fortress-city, the central part of the city and ruins of a basilica of the early Medieval Ages were found and are being studied. Recently an interesting finding was reported in Stepanakert. During earth-moving works in one of the streets a tomb of Hellenic period with examples of jar burial was found. Archeologists affirm that jar burials have appeared in the Armenian Highlands during the Urartian period.

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