The price paid for freedom

The Armenian people celebrates the May Triple holiday

Every Armenian mother has dreamed for centuries to see her son healthy and safe. But when the country was in danger she gave her blessing to him and sent to defend the homeland. Many of them did not return but the Motherland remained as an everlasting evidence of their feat and a pledge of gratitude of future generations.
Month May have become a symbol of victory for the Armenian people because from Avarayr to Sardarapat, and from the Great Patriotic to the liberation of Shoushi it bears the purport of victory. The most magnificent among them, of course, was the liberation of Shoushi which is a bright example of courage of the Armenian soldier and of military talent of the Armenian commander.
The liberation of Shoushi was the victory of the Armenian spirit, the spirit which the enemies repeatedly tried to break down, suppress but unsuccessfully. And now celebrating the Victory Holiday, the liberation of Shoushi and the Day of the Artsakh Republic Defense Army we must remember how we paid dearly for that cherished day and with our unity and inexorability deserve the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for our free and independent existence today.

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