Under the  protection of  Hrachya Misak  Poghosyan  a  beautiful red – tufa  God – populated  church  is  built  which  was called  St. Mother  of God. When the ceremony of digging  and  blessing  was over the  guardian  made  a  sacrifice  and delivered  to people  in  order  the  words  << be  accepted >>  from  everyone’s  lips  serve its purpose, and  in  order  the  building  of the church- chapel really  deserve  admission  of God.  The main building work began in 2008 in spring and finished in the same year in September. The masters Poghos, Asatur, Movses, Khachatur Andokyan brothers and some inhabitants of the village took part in the work of construction. The 4-th of October was a special day in the history of Agarak. On that day for the first time in the history of Agarak was registered the fact that the Holy Catholic of all Armenians Garegin B. blessed the village Agarak with his entry.

The united class of clergymen of the Mother See of Echmiadzin  took part in the blessing of the chapel also many high level guests and honorable members. Just on the same day a baptism and a marriage were perform med in the newly-anointed  church .A belfry was built on the right side of the chapel of St. Mother of God in 2010.It is built with  shaved “tufa” with tower-like belfry  attaches with three stone-arched candlesticks, which symbolize  The Holy trinity-<<Father God>>,<<Son>> and <<St . Soul>>.As the church itself the belfry   was built by Andokyan brothers, who have become chief church builders. They have inherited their handicraft from their father – Hovsep  Andokyan, who is a pensioner now, passing his job to his sons. The sons do their work with pleasure and properly. They have also built other churches, chapels and numerous houses

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