The Arbitral Award on Turkish-Armenian Boundary by Woodrow Wilson, the President of the United States of America (Historical Backgroud, Legal Aspects and International Dimensions)

Jus est ars boni et aequi (lat.)
(The law is the art of the good and the just).

No other single issue has aroused so much passion and controversy and occupied the attention of the present
Armenian public and political life as the relationship with Turkey. The lawful claims of Armenians for moral
satisfaction, financial indemnification and territorial readjustment, remain the longest, most intractable, and
potentially one of the most dangerous unsolved problems of international relations and world community of the
modern times.
The emergence of the Armenian state – the Republic of Armenia, and its presence on the world political stage
as the successor of the first Armenian Republic (1918-1920), adds a critical dimension to the matter. The
importance of the new dimension is based on the fact that as a subject of international law the Republic of Armenia
is in full power and has all legal rights to pursue the implementation of the legal instruments and to insist on the
fulfillment of international obligations assumed by the Turkish states – the Republic of Turkey or the Ottoman
Empire, as a legal predecessor of the Turkish Republic.
It is therefore imperative to analyze all relevant legal instruments, i.e. bilateral and multilateral treaties, Woodrow
Wilson’s Arbitral Award (22 November 1920), diplomatic documents and international papers, resolutions of
international organizations, recommendations of special missions, decisions of law-determining agencies (particularly
of the International Court of Justice), the opinions of authoritative institutions, etc. to clarify the legal state of
Armenian-Turkish confrontation and determinate the legal aspects of the Armenian claims regarding Turkey.
Due to final and binding character of the arbitral awards it seems the most appropriate to begin the elaboration
of the legal instruments with the arbitral award of the President of the United States of America Woodrow Wilson
(22 November 1920): “Decision of the President of the United States of America respecting the Frontier between
Turkey and Armenia, Access for Armenia to the Sea, and the Demilitarization of Turkish Territory adjacent to the
Armenian Frontier.”

All the ítem by PDF You can find in the Google.

Legal Bases for Armenian Claims, 2007

Ara Papian

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