Spanish Foreign Relations Committee rejects Armenian Genocide bill

The Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament of Spain did not put the Armenian Genocide bill on its agenda.

The NTV channel, Turkey, reports that the bill was submitted by the Republican Left of Catalonia. The Basque Nationalist Party voted for the bill. On the other hand, the Spanish Socialist Workers` Party, People`s Party and Convergence and Union, as well as Navarrese People`s Union voted against the bill.

At the Committee`s sitting, Isabel Pozuelo, the ruling party`s speaker, said that Spain is not interested in recognizing the Armenia-related events that occurred about 100 years ago. She pointed out the need for settling problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

This is the first time that an Armenian Genocide bill has been submitted to the Spanish Parliament. Earlier, the Parliaments of three autonomous regions approved documents recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

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