Simplified procedure to be valid

Substitution of driving licenses started

In accordance with April 14 decision of the RA Government, driving licenses in action must be substituted with new ones. Substitution of driving licenses is in process beginning May 14. The decision of the RA Government also facilitates the system of driving license issuance.
As distinct from the former procedure from now on in order to receive a driving license the citizens should pass the practical examination by one stage only – on roads. The stage held in special grounds is canceled. The citizens (over 18 years) passing the theoretical and practical examinations pay only the state duty at the sum of AMD 28 000. The drivers of A, B, C class and A1, B1, C1 sub-class cars from now on do not have to present a certificate from the driving school in order to receive a driving license. The old driving licenses act till December 31, 2011. Plastic driving licenses are valid till the end of the period marked on them. But as plastic driving licenses are printed in centralized way the applicant gets a temporary license till the plastic license is ready (5-7 days).

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