Prosperous Armenia is loyal to letter and spirit of coalition agreement, says party leader

Gagik Tsarukyan

The Prosperous Armenia party is committed to the coalition agreement to which it is a signatory, the head of the party has said.

Speaking at the congress of the party, Gagik Tsarukyan said: "Prosperous Armenia party is loyal to the letter and soul of the coalition agreement."

Tsarukyan's statement comes amid widespread media reports that the Prosperous Armenia might quit the coalition that includes also the Republican Party of Armenia, the Rule of Law party.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun), which had joined the coalition at the 2007 parliamentary elections, quit it after Armenia started the rapprochement with Turkey in 2009.

According to some media reports, also Tsarukyan was expected to make clear whether his party will nominate its own candidate at the 2013 presidential elections or back the acting president Serzh Sargsyan.

Addressing the congress held in Karen Demirchyan Complex, Gagik Tsarukyan also spoke about electoral processes, adding that they "must not disrupt the political tranquility of the country, nor must they divide the society".

Further, he expressed hope that Armenia's authorities have enough political will to conduct the upcoming elections in line with the international standards.

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