Our strength is in our devotion RA President has no doubt whatsoever that our future is bright

On August 20, this full swing continued in Sevan national park until RA President Serzh Sargsyan arrived at the “Miasin” camp located in the park.
Answering the question of one of the young participants of the forum related to the resolution of the NK issue, the President of Armenia said in particular, “It is a very complex issue because it is painful for all parties involved and its roots run deep. For decades, the people of Azerbaijan were being instilled the idea that Karabakh belonged to Azerbaijan and now the leadership of Azerbaijan faces immense complexes since they have never tried to be honest with their own people, to conduct an open conversation and tell them: you know what, people, this is Armenian land, Armenians have been living here for ages and it would be nice, since first of all it stems from our own interests, if we respect freedom of these people, so that they and we live happily. I am confident, these times will come. No matter how difficult it is, we have to solve the issue peacefully, and when I say “we” I mean Armenia, Karabakh and Azerbaijan.
Who among you has visited the Nagorno Karabakh Republic? Have you met anyone there who doubts that they are an independent state? Not, of course. The people of Nagorno Karabakh have realized their right of self-determination long ago and now they are mastering their own destiny. And today, Nagorno Karabakh faces the problem of recognition which will be solved sooner or later. When it’s going to be solved is another issue because the sooner it is solved, the better for Azerbaijan, for Armenia and for Karabakh.”


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