Interview with Violet Kanian – participant of Miss California USA 2012


Armenian presents an interview with Violet Kanian, Armenian by origin, who will represent Glendale at the Miss California USA 2012 pageant.


Q.: Tell a little about yourself. I learnt that you are working as a reporter for red carpet and celebrity interviews for various magazines. Would you like to continue your career as a journalist? Would you like to continue covering news about celebrities or you may change the topic in the future?

I’m 24, have lived in Glendale my whole life, well, at least since I was 2 because I was born in Armenia! I do celebrity red carpet interviews for Hollyscoop (TV show) as well as Yerevan Magazine. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t give it up for anything. I want to get into hosting and hopefully soon host an entertainment news show! I love entertainment, so I don’t think I’d change my mind about that.

Q.: What made you participate in Miss California pageant? Do you think this contest will open up new opportunities for your future career?

I wanted to participate in the pageant because I know it will open so many doors for me. Not just for my career, but for life. It is such a grand stage and will also give me the opportunity to reach and put a smile on as many children’s faces as possible.

Q.: So, this is my next question. We know that you are involved in a charity work, especially you help children in need. What do you think will the contest help you in this work, what prospects it will give?

I have done some things like put together events to bring people together to donate toys for the children’s hospital during the holidays. This pageant is going to help me reach so many more children. I want to go into orphanages and celebrate the birth of these incredible children who were left there and maybe even feel abandoned. Doing something simple like taking them cake or loads of gifts and balloons can really make a child feel special.

Q.: This week Armenia celebrates 20th anniversary of Independence. Dou you have any wishes to Armenians?

Do we have enough time for me to tell you my wishes for Armenians? First and foremost. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ARMENIA!!! So amazing! My wish is for Armenians to be happy, to be successful and to be proud of who they are and what they’ve accomplished. Always look forward and to the future. What you can accomplish in your life is limited only to how big your imagination is. – Armenia


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