Great Armenians of the world: Edward Ghazaryan – The great master of the small world

There are just a few micro miniaturists in the world. Our compatriot Edward Ghazaryan was one of them, but he was the only man in the world to master the art of moving micro miniature. Edwad Ghazaryan was a world famous scientist. Besides being a micro miniaturists, he was also a great musician, an eminent biologist, chemist and physicist. His masterpieces have amazed and continue to amaze the world. Edward Ghazaryan was creating all instruments necessary for carving his micro-masterpieses with his own hands. 

Recently the great master of the small world passed away, but eternal all musical instruments created by Edward Ghazarynan, immortal are the unperceivable and materials that were turned into masterpieces by that intangible great genius. One of his violins, just a few millimeters in size, is the smallest violin in the world. The maestro greatly valued his art and liked speaking about it. “The smallest violin in the world in Armenia,” he used to say with pride. 

The fame and honor of our country rose in a number of countries, at a number of exhibitions thanks to Ghazaryan. He carved also several millimeters long one-string violin, which only he and Stradivarius could play, as the maestro used to say. 

This amazing man has created a great number of miracles, which cannot be seen with a naked eye. When you look at them through a microscope, it’s unbelievable how the human hand managed pierce the human hair and carve a train in it with carriages, caravans of camels, elephants, etc. Ghazaryan was one of those magicians, who cut the sugar grain into four parts create masterpieces on every of them. He cut the rice grain into two pieces and carved the smallest sculpture of the Christ on one of the parts. One can speak endlessly about his works, but without seeing them, its impossible to imagine the miracle, it’s impossible to believe how the micro-miniatures constantly move without any driving force, without electric power. No scientist has discovered the secret up until now. 

Edward Ghazaryan’s son and grandson also continue the work of the great master. However, none of them is able to carve moving micro-miniatures. One of Ghazaryan’s moving masterpieces is Gulliver fighting against elfins carved in the needle hole. Both Gulliver and the elfins constantly move, and what’s interesting is that none of their moves is the same as the previous one. Specialists say it contradicts all laws of phisics, but the fact is that the maestro knew the law, which can make the micro-heroes move. 

Edward Ghazaryan has often been offered great sums from the abroad. However, the maestro cared for all his works and cherished them as his own children till the end of his life. It took him month and even years to create every of them. “All my works are scattered throughout the house,” the master would joke. The works are so small, that they would sometimes be lost because of just one breath of the maestro. 

Edward Ghazaryan told that he coordinated every move of his hand with his heartbeats. “If I move my hand as my heart beats, I may be mistaken, that’s why I work in the interval between the beats,” he said. It’s even hard to imagine how much nerves, knowledge, skills and patience a micro-miniaturist needs, let alone the master of moving micro-miniatures. He lived with his works, admired them, felt great pain when he lost any of them and consolidated the fame of the Armenian nation as a talented and genius nation. Thanks to Ghazaryan, the name of the Armenian nation is now associated with a new art. 

/Translated by Siranush Ghazanchyan

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