French-Armenians support Sarkozy

presidential candidate and incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy.March 17, 2012 | 00:16

A group of French-Armenians, including famous Charles Aznavour, deputy Mayor of Marseille Didier Parakian, producer Levon Sayan, producer Alain Terzian and others, issued a statement voicing support for presidential candidate and incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In their statement, French-Armenians mentioned the country is faced with global crisis and it is necessary for the president to continue his efforts into completing the reforms.

They expressed gratitude to President Sarkozy for his commitment to struggle against the Armenian Genocide denial which is an insult to memory of the victims and threat for their descendants, Nouvelles d`Arménie reports.  

“We are grateful to Nicolas Sarkozy for his decisive stance to adopt unbiased law penalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide. After the disappointing decision made by the Constitutional Council, we welcome Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to draft a new text,” the statement reads. 


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