Azerbaijani against canonization of John Paul II for his pro-Armenian position

Azebaiyan contra la beatificación

Chairman of so-called “Organization of Karabakh Liberation” Akif Naghi sent a letter to Roman Pope Benedict XVI expressing concern over canonizations of John Paul II.

In his letter Nago noted that John Paul II did not adopt just position on “Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijani territory.”

 “In 1992, he wrote a letter to the Armenian groups in Karabakh, told them that he was sending “the power taken from God”, assessed their aggressive acts as “fight for religion” and said that “he will come to Khojaly and will bow to the battle places of the Armenian brothers which died there if it is possible”. It is possible that in that period the Pope was deceived by Armenian propaganda. That’s why we waited certain confessions from him during his Baku visit. Unfortunately, John Paul II contented himself only with the expression “it is impossible not to be proud of this country’s patience and mutual understanding spirit”. The next year, in 2003 during his visit to Yerevan, he visited the tombs of Armenians killed in the Karabakh war,” the activist writes, APA news agency reported.





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