Armenian President to visit Italy

December 10, 2011 | 17:18

YEREVAN. – On December 12-15, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan will pay a working visit to Italy and the Vatican. 

During his stay, the President will meet with the Pope, President of Italy, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, State Secretary of the Vatican, and the Mayor of Rome.  

In Rome, Serzh Sargsyan will visit the “Dvin: Armenia’s Capital Between Europe and Asia” Exhibition, and, in Venice, he will attend the “Armenia: The Stamps of Civilization” Exhibition.    

Also in Venice, Armenia’s President will meet with members of the Mekhitarist Congregation and representatives of the organizations of Italy’s Armenian community. President Sargsyan is also scheduled to get together with armenologists, who are arriving in Italy to take part in the “Armenia: The Stamps of Civilization” Exhibition.     

Serzh Sargsyan will also pay a visit to Venice City Hall, where he will attend the signing of the agreement, which will commence the process of declaring Armenian capital Yerevan and Venice as sister cities. 

Along the lines of his visit, Armenia’s President will also meet with Italian businessmen, Presidential Press Office informed Armenian


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