About 75% of Dersim are Armenians; They feel scared to tell about it

The only reason making Armenians of Dersim, Turkey, to live “incognito” is the feeling of fear, Mihran Gyulteki, the founder of Union of belief and assistance for Dersim Armenians told reporters today. Mr. Gyulteki told also about their problems and conflicts they have to meet.

Talking about his family, he said everybody knows they are armenians, which made them to have unfriendly relation with neighbors and live as if opposition. Gyulteki said they have been much discussing in their family attempt to return to their roots, first he studied the archive materials and applied to the court to change his name. Then he founded the Union of belief and assistance for Dersim Armenians. “When I founded the union, I planned my visit to Yerevan to get acquainted with the local unions. Thus, I’m here. It’s my first visit to Armenia. I’, happy I’m here.”

Gyulteki said about 75% of Dersim are Armenians. While having tet-a-tet communication they all admit they are armenians, but feel scared to declare about it and to restore their Armenian names. He said the authorities do not pressure anyhow, but people are scared of psychological pressure.

Armenians of Dersim and of Turkey, generally, who have changed their belief, are not armenians, they are muslims.

Source: Panorama.am

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