20 years ago Khojalu weapon emplacements were neutralized

20 years ago Khojalu weapon emplacements were neutralized 

Who had organized slaughter of own people?

20 years have passed after the so-called famous Khojalu events which gave Azerbaijani authorities occasion for speculations. And now for already two decades on the threshold of the “completion of the certain year” of the events trying to disguise historical realities and distorting the facts the official Baku kicks up a roar all over the world qualifying the military operation of the Armenian defense forces aimed at neutralization of Khojalu weapon emplacements on February 25-26, 1992 as “Khojalu genocide”. On February 25, 1992 trying to halt the planned attack of Azerbaijani armed forces on Askeran and capital Stepanakert the sub-divisions of Artsakh self-defense forces began raising the blockade of the airport and the liberation operation of Khojalu. Edward Khachatryan, veteran of Artsakh liberation war, former commander of artillery battery, holder of the 2nd degree Order of the Fighting Cross, who also participated in the operation with his battery told that leaving a corridor along Karkar river-bed for the peaceful population the Armenian self-defense forces had neutralized the enemy’s weapon emplacements, first of all raising the blockade of Stepanakert airport which was conquered by the Azerbaijani side since October, 1990.

25-02-2012, HHpress.am


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