“Our Arno…all about him” documentary to commemorate Babajanyan’s 90th jubilee

Arno Babajanyan

Renowned Armenian composer Arno Babajanyan would mark his 90th today. To commemorate and honor his memory, producer and script writer Mark Petrosyan produced a documentary titled “Our Arno…and all about himself”.

In a meeting with the reporters, Mark Petrosyan said that famous artists, including I. Kobzon, E. Evtushenko, A. Pakhmutova, E. Mirzoyan, A. Harutyunyan, K. Orbelyan, Babajanyan’s son Ara Babajanyan and others speak about the talented composer.

“They particularly focus Arno’s musical talent,” the producer said.
50-minute long film includes archive materials and is currently in the process of final arrangements. Enjoy the film in a month.


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